10 quick tips for your videos, to make people stay on your site

You are probably reading this article on your iPhone in a stuffed subway?! Youtube Statistics says that half of YouTube views are on mobile devices and that the mobile revenue on YouTube is up over 100% y/y.

This insight is very relevant for all and any video creation styles: Mobile video means thinking efficiently because it’s made for people who won’t spend ages (=anything that lasts longer than 90 secs) on watching a startup’s explanation Video – with average time length of 1 to 4 minutes.

Wildstyle Network – (the creative agency in Brooklyn/US and Dresden/DE behind this blog) created dozens of such explainer videos to help Microsoft, Samsung and startups explain their products in a visual way. Such videos also help to keep your audience busy on your site, extending digital dwell time. Let’s quickly explain the how and why’s behind these epic cinematic pieces in a top 10 list for your video styles:

1. Infographic
Pretty often they illustrate complex facts using simple infographics.

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Record and breakdance

uniqlo Japan
I’m always surprised that the web and people can still come around with fresh ideas. The Mixplay (people move to the beat that are made and mixed by users) from Japanese fashion label Uniqlo reminds me on Beat Street and Wildstyle (of course). They can supply breakdance with a comeback. Thanks for that freshness!

See promo video on YouTube
visit the page here and make your record!

T-Mobile mob dance at Liverpool Station/Ld.

[youtube=http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3d3KigPQM]I try not to post so many YouTubes but this (even me – I don’t know how to call that) Ad or Viral or Making Of or whatever is a nice piece of how flash mobs, guerilla and music can come together to make people dance and a brand viral. The idea behind is to produce an event that looks as if people would come together and dance for an accident.

Diesels XXX party announcement

I don’t know why DIESEL wants to remove this video from all the video sharing platforms?! …It should have been used for announcing their birthday celebration (as you can see in minute 1:18). A simple but very creative video idea which also underlines that a brand has to do more than releasing brand focussed videos with USPs, UMPs and such – if they wanna be “living successful” ;o)


Viral or not: Hamas using Energy Drinks

Viral marketing is a field which does not stop in front of politics. Viral marketing is seldom clean – most of the times it’s a bit dirty and following the rule “Target the taste of the fish and not of the fisherman!”. It’s up to everyone to reject those pictures using as virals. I’ve been to Gaza on my own already (in 2006) and I never ever saw any Hamas soldiers drinking Energy drinks. But to be honest: I’ve posted this one and you’ve seen it now. Rejecting – impossible! So, the idea of viral is already fulfilled! Can’t wait for your comments…

See the full picture by Kamil Hamra, Source: Asapblogs