Second Round For “So geht sächsisch”


Since May 2013 the federal state Saxony advertises with the campaign of Ketchum Pleon “So geht sächsisch.” for Saxony.

Wildstyle Network oversees the digital format for this campaign. The CMS based website is bilingual, accessible and in a responsive design. The website is designed and implemented by Wildstylers.
Success stories about tourism, business, culture, education, sport and life in the most beautiful federal state in Germany combined with great pictures invent everybody for a visit in Saxony.

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Shave The Pussy Baby!

94% of women in Sweden shave their private areas, so RFSUB created a real online poll to illustrate this. Take the poll and see how much maybe your girlfriend is shaving. In my opinion I guess that a thir of woman in the UK are not shaving but 90% of New Yorks woman are shaving. Waiting for your estimates :-)
But over all a very interesting campaign from bannering, polls, micro sites over Facebook apps.

update: Unfortunally they have closed the site. Will investigate on this…