Dating Apps Suck! ING DiBa Now Reinvented DatING.

Dating and dating apps are the app spam these days.
ING DiBa reinvented they way you use dating apps. Embedded in people’s banking behavior, this app here finds you the perfect partner that matches your banking behaviour. What a great value proposition!

Especially when you downloaded apps that pretend to find you the partner for life. With most of them you end up in paying with credits for fake profiles.
We think this needs a revolution. And we’re glad that the German ING DiBa jumped on this train and reinvented dating with an own app.

Enjoy watching it!

10 quick tips for your videos, to make people stay on your site

You are probably reading this article on your iPhone in a stuffed subway?! Youtube Statistics says that half of YouTube views are on mobile devices and that the mobile revenue on YouTube is up over 100% y/y.

This insight is very relevant for all and any video creation styles: Mobile video means thinking efficiently because it’s made for people who won’t spend ages (=anything that lasts longer than 90 secs) on watching a startup’s explanation Video – with average time length of 1 to 4 minutes.

Wildstyle Network – (the creative agency in Brooklyn/US and Dresden/DE behind this blog) created dozens of such explainer videos to help Microsoft, Samsung and startups explain their products in a visual way. Such videos also help to keep your audience busy on your site, extending digital dwell time. Let’s quickly explain the how and why’s behind these epic cinematic pieces in a top 10 list for your video styles:

1. Infographic
Pretty often they illustrate complex facts using simple infographics.

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Girl destroyes boyfriends Xbox. Viral or not?

Everybody loves when a hot girl is smashing her boyfriends toys. On the very first view it looks like a real hate tirade when she smashes an Xbox 360 because her boyfriend obviously rather loves to play with the concole than with her. But going through the users comments, you recognize very fast that the girl is a famous actor and a professional when it comes to viral videos.
So let’s put another rules to the “100 DONT’s OF VIRAL MARKETING”: Don’t fool your audiences by engaging actors in videos that pretend to be made by the community!


Here is the evidence:

Feel the bubbles and sk8

I was really fascinated by watching this spot. Bob Turnquist on the sk8board and Ty Evens (also skater) were performing for a Nestle AERO spot (haven’t found out about the producer yet). I just think they haven’t used the best music piece (don’t get me wrong, it’s nice buty just doesn’t work with spot).
Sorry for the link but WordPress doesn’t allow embedding video files at the moment…

More pics here
The making of is here

T-Mobile mob dance at Liverpool Station/Ld.

[youtube=]I try not to post so many YouTubes but this (even me – I don’t know how to call that) Ad or Viral or Making Of or whatever is a nice piece of how flash mobs, guerilla and music can come together to make people dance and a brand viral. The idea behind is to produce an event that looks as if people would come together and dance for an accident.

Shave The Pussy Baby!

94% of women in Sweden shave their private areas, so RFSUB created a real online poll to illustrate this. Take the poll and see how much maybe your girlfriend is shaving. In my opinion I guess that a thir of woman in the UK are not shaving but 90% of New Yorks woman are shaving. Waiting for your estimates :-)
But over all a very interesting campaign from bannering, polls, micro sites over Facebook apps.

update: Unfortunally they have closed the site. Will investigate on this…