Social Media Trends 2019

With the first important digital and social media events like SXSW behind us, now is a great time to reassess everything you’ve been doing and find ways to improve your social media marketing strategy in 2019. Like most digital marketing channels, social media is always evolving. People’s behaviors are changing, as are the technologies and capabilities of social media platforms.

So what will be the key social media trends you need to know in 2019?

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Produkttest-Kampagnen mit RateMate: Kundenbewertungen gezielt mit Influencer-Content kombinieren

Photo by Adrian Sava on Unsplash

Knapp 71 Prozent der deutschen Konsumenten ziehen die Marken- oder Produktbewertung eines anderen Kunden der Empfehlung eines Influencers vor – und das, obwohl jeder Zweite von ihnen angibt, insgesamt mehr Zeit mit dem Konsum von Influencer-Content zu verbringen als im Vorjahr (51 Prozent). Zudem sinkt das Vertrauen in Influencer-Content wegen mangelnder Authentizität und fehlender Transparenz. Mit der Produkttest-Kampagne von Wildstyle Network können gezielt Conversions gesteigert und dabei unabhängige, authentische Kundenbewertungen sowie Social Media Content generiert werden. Wildstyle Network erklärt wie’s geht.

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Vanity vs. Funnel Metrics – die Erfolgsmessung des Social Media-Marketings unter der Lupe

Der Erfolg von digitalen Marketingstrategien lässt sich erst durch entsprechende Kennzahlen feststellen. Umso wichtiger ist es, die richtigen Maßnahmen zur Messung dieser Parameter heranzuziehen. Vanity vs. Funnel Metrics: Wenn Unternehmen Social Media-Marketing betreiben, überzeugen auf den ersten Blick oft Likes, Fans, Follower oder Pageviews. Aber Vorsicht – der Schein trügt.

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Inreach 2017: Diese Strategien nutzen Top-Brands für erfolgreiches Influencer Marketing

Eröffnung der Influencer Marketing Konferenz INREACH 2017 in Berlin

Wildstyle Network auf der INREACH 2017

Wenn Unternehmen Influencer Marketing betreiben, geht es häufig um Likes, Comments, Shares oder Link-Clicks. Kennzahlen wie diese sollen aufzeigen wie gut ein Post und damit die entsprechende Kampagne performt. Die Marketing-Formel dahinter: Je größer der Influencer, desto mehr Engagement und desto erfolgreicher die Kampagne. Scheinbar! Denn ein einfaches Herzchen unter einen Post sagt erst einmal wenig darüber aus, ob sich der Nutzer auch wirklich mit dem Inhalt, dem beworbenen Produkt oder der Brand auseinandergesetzt hat oder wie eine Marke in der Zielgruppe auf lange Sicht wahrgenommen wird.

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Dating Apps Suck! ING DiBa Now Reinvented DatING.

Dating and dating apps are the app spam these days.
ING DiBa reinvented they way you use dating apps. Embedded in people’s banking behavior, this app here finds you the perfect partner that matches your banking behaviour. What a great value proposition!

Especially when you downloaded apps that pretend to find you the partner for life. With most of them you end up in paying with credits for fake profiles.
We think this needs a revolution. And we’re glad that the German ING DiBa jumped on this train and reinvented dating with an own app.

Enjoy watching it!

10 Instagram accounts of 2015 that will inspire you

Instagram inspires you

Get some inspiration through Instagram

If you want to be popular and influential nowadays, there is no way you can avoid Instagram.

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Our Team’s 20+ Apps For Android, iOS & Windows Phone To Make Your (Creative) Week Smarter


Everybody does a couple of projects and is creative all day long, here at Wildstyle Network. Of course we need apps to manage our creative week and some to inspire us or help to work in another way.
We sat down with every Wildstyler and asked them which apps they can’t live/work without. Next to the classics there are some helpful apps to make your creative week smarter.

Daily creativity, news and inspiration

Screen-shot-2011-07-20-at-11.48.47-AMZen Brush (iOS & Android)

This app is very useful to write your ideas down or to make some scribbles. To use ink and brush for writing and painting without any colour patches on your desk, is a very cool way to be creative. Our digital operation Team and the designers appreciate the simplicity of this app.

MashableMashable (iOS & Android)

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Facebook’s Future Is Contextual

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-20 um 12.54.03Robert Scoble went to Facebook’s headquarter and interviewed various teams about where the future of Facebook lies. Before using this for his book “The age of Context”, he summed up some of his interviews in a four point thesis:

1. Everything you do on Facebook will affect what comes in your view in the future. If you like crappy things that you don’t care about, you’ll see more crappy brands that you don’t care about in the future and it might even affect your experiences when you walk into bars, churches, schools, shopping malls, etc. Using Highlight, for instance, I can see what kinds of things you like and I’ll treat you a lot differently based on what you’ve liked.

2. Facebook is teachable. If you hide items, you’ll see fewer of those kinds of items in the future. Like more items and you’ll see more of those in the future.

3. Facebook is looking to help you distribute content to who you want to distribute to. Facebook gets a lot better if you put each of your friends into either your “close friend” or “acquaintance” list. Put family members on your family list, and you’ll be able to send photos just to your family members very easily. Spending some time tuning your friends lists dramatically increases the quality of your feeds and also lets you see items from your friends and family so you don’t miss them.

4. Facebook’s new gift feature will be able to build new kinds of stores in the future. If I buy a gift, like I did for Sam Levin, who got engaged last night, Facebook can learn about what kinds of things I like to buy for people, but it also lets Sam switch his gift without letting me know, so now Facebook knows more about the kinds of things Sam likes to receive.

After all, this sounds promising and makes Facebook look exciting again. Next to some insights, he collected some photos from the campus.
Read the interview here. Follow Robert on Twitter: @Scobleizer


A Compass.to And For New York

For sure, it’s overdue to post here on Bagaboo. But here’s the reason: After building my first company Wildstyle Network and my first two ventures Little Bird and Ad Portable (all of them are in the business for more than 2 years), it was time to move on to a new adventure that I founded with my partner Alex. This start-up goes by the name of COMPASS. Compass is a new kind of mobile social media network that portfolios your taste – it’s social, it’s local, it’s mobile and it’s made in Brooklyn.

A Start-up? Why did I do that? Why now?
I spent most of my time thinking about Communities, wether it’s Xbox LIVE or Windows Phone or refurbishing the Samsung Mobilers program. And I always missed certain opportunities to try out new solutions or user experiences that I had in mind. Things which Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Path or any other network can’t manage: Organizing my local relevant experiences and making my desktopbrowsing experience releveant for real life, real friends, verything that is real. All combined in a beautiful UI (user interface) with a more sophisticated UX (user experience). Especially hand crafted for mobile use.

Unveiling at The Next Big Thing in NYC
COMPAS_at_NBT_Q&A_Stv5On Sept., 20th we’ve been presenting Compass, formally known as Project Hugleberry) for the first time to a larger audience. Media networks like Wall Street Journal, New York Times (among others) were present. Five minutes of powerpointing the product (the real on-device demo didn’t work due problems with the Apple TV). The first mobile only solution had its five minute of fame at the US’ media council – The Next Big Thing (Marisa & Joel – again, thank you for the opportunity)!

Project Hugleberry, a pivot and a vision

We’ve been starting with COMPASS – formally known as Project Hugleberry in April. We’ve been founding a C-Corp headquartered in New York but as a Delaware firm.
From the very first minute on we’ve been following a specific idea: Changing the world with a sustainable and sustainability solution that should have made the world and our behaviour more planet friendly. A database and algorithm which we’ve been developing in the past allowed us to connect any local consumption (i.E. products or locations) with data about a its sustainability. To make this data more reliable, we’ve partnered with the University of St. Gallen.

Getting feedback in New York, San Francisco and L.A.
We’ve been pitching the idea and prototype in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Soon we realized that sustainability was a great idea, Project Hugleberry got early buzz in the community and was manifested in our hearts. But unfortunately it was ahead of its time. Wether VCs (venture capitalists) nor users were ready for this ambitous planet saving tool. After six months, we took a closer look on the metrics and made an “ectracting” decision. The team decided to move on and extract the most working and best parts from this idea which was lying in front of us but we haven’t seen it. Project Hugleberry was build on a “compass”. A sharable list of locations and local products. This compass, a simple collections of the things you like, is now a stand alone app and a start for an own digital eco system to sync your digital with your real life.

Compass was born but our vision hasn’t changed. We will be the first company to fully sync digital content with your real life – to make better decisions and be inspired by things and people around us.

visit: www.compass.to (become an ambassador, get the beta)
Tweet on www.twitter.com/CompassTo
Post at www.facebook.com/Hugleberry (will soon become CompassTo)

How Viral Content Works

An infographic about the laws of Word OF Mouth
A must see and great visualization of the method itself for marketers. But in the end never forget: what counts is an impressive idea of the content. The promotion follows content.
From what we experienced at Wildstyle Network is that most of the viral stuff is a) happening by accident or b) the effect of a long term and simple concepts like the “Xbox Live Adventskalender” which became an annual marketing program in DE for 6 years now.