Our Team’s 20+ Apps For Android, iOS & Windows Phone To Make Your (Creative) Week Smarter


Everybody does a couple of projects and is creative all day long, here at Wildstyle Network. Of course we need apps to manage our creative week and some to inspire us or help to work in another way.
We sat down with every Wildstyler and asked them which apps they can’t live/work without. Next to the classics there are some helpful apps to make your creative week smarter.

Daily creativity, news and inspiration

Screen-shot-2011-07-20-at-11.48.47-AMZen Brush (iOS & Android)

This app is very useful to write your ideas down or to make some scribbles. To use ink and brush for writing and painting without any colour patches on your desk, is a very cool way to be creative. Our digital operation Team and the designers appreciate the simplicity of this app.

MashableMashable (iOS & Android)

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6 Tips To Raise Money Via Crowdfunding.

Project founded by KickstarterPart Man, Part Machine – do you remember? The Project Imagination Station Detroit has raised $67,430 on Kickstarter (incl. video) for building a RoboCop monumental in Detroit where the movie was shot in 1988. The question had come into the mayor’s office via Twitter from someone who later tweeted that the idea had been a joke. But by Thursday, more than 4,000 people had joined a Facebook page to support the idea of bringing a RoboCop statue to Detroit, and a group of artists pledged to raise $50,000 to fund its construction in an online campaign.

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No Oil In Canary Islands

The Clean Ocean Project is calling with some effectful visuals for your help to sign a petition against the planned oil spill around the Canary Islands. Some great artworks and ideas visualize the effects on nature.

The enterprise of Repsol plans to use for the drilling 616.060 hectare of the east coast of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, amount of nearly 2.5 times the size of these two islands. The company seems to ignore the fact that some of that area belongs to the Natural Reserve of Biosphere and that in 2004 the Maritime International Organization declared this part of the ocean as especially sensitive.

Sign the petition here or visit their Blog here.

sign the petition

sign the clean ocean project petition now!

About Leadership, Vision, Inspiration

This article by Nick Hughes made me think about differences. The difference between brands and how leadership, passion and the ability to boost a product into peoples hearts can seperate the man from the boys. Or Microsoft from Apple? Some of Hughes theses can be found in literature about the basics of marketing but what really surprised me is his comparison of Apples market share compared to Microsofts flat scale to the right.

It seems as if Microsofts brand index does not only depend on incredible successful products like Kinect, Windows or Office as well as heart warming campaigns… Not the greatest product and no billion dollar campaignm can balance a leadership without vision.

But what will happen when a great leader with a great vision and a greater visibility suddenly dissapears? I guess this will keep us awake for a while until we know better.

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Google Mail Becomes Facebook Competitor

I have no idea how many services Google will copy again and again?! Now the internet company starts to shoot at Facebook, MySpace and all the other social networking platforms. Please don’t send me invitations, I don’t wanto to join any Google Network!

Record and breakdance

uniqlo Japan
I’m always surprised that the web and people can still come around with fresh ideas. The Mixplay (people move to the beat that are made and mixed by users) from Japanese fashion label Uniqlo reminds me on Beat Street and Wildstyle (of course). They can supply breakdance with a comeback. Thanks for that freshness!

See promo video on YouTube
visit the page here and make your record!