Obama frontpage mosaic

obama-mosaicBloggers from around the world became obesessive about the Obamania. I tried to avoid the hype but this piece represents the hype of the president elected. But to be honest: I was watching every little piece from CNN and FOX when I was inn the States during the elections. Great work (Obama and the artist of the mosaic)!

Done by David Rencher, on Lumis.com


  1. Gabrielle

    Obamania or not – i believe he’s worth it. He inspires people in an emotional, spiritual and if noting else artistical way…

  2. Gabrielle

    By the way – watch that, too: http://www.gabrielle.com/w_hologram.html

  3. babylonlive

    Hey Gabrielle, thanks for the post. Seems as if we have similar thinkings and work with the similar inspirations (I’ve been on your page)! …by the way: I was doing tour management for Gabrielle – the soul singer.

  4. Gabrielle

    Strange sometimes..i just herd about her, when I listened to BBC Radio1Xtra…luv the home grown stuff, you know ;-)

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