10 Instagram accounts of 2015 that will inspire you

Instagram inspires you

Get some inspiration through Instagram

If you want to be popular and influential nowadays, there is no way you can avoid Instagram.

We can say so because our Social Media team notices a strong demand on consultation for Instagram in the last 6 months. And as an agency with international clients, Wildstyle Network gets meaningful Social Media insights. With our learnings over the last years, we can estimate which content will be engaging or create awareness. Continue Reading ›

Pat Perry’s ill Illustrations

“Illustration” contains the word “ill”. If you ad “lust”, it sounds like passion for ill stuff. Well, Pat Perry is ill! He is a Detroit/Michigan based artist and ILLustrator. What really inspires me is that his work is inspired by travelling. He travels as much as he can. Watch his masterpieces carefully and maybe you are able to listen to the world around him! Some of his stuff really seems to be a direct mirror from what’s happening. The classroom illu is ill, the black/white drawing with the car in front reflects a typical scene somewhere in Michigan (I’ve never been there) and contains a kind of ILLness, too…  Continue Reading ›