Spooky: It’s invisible, but on the picture!

This gun camera adds grafitti to peoples pictures without seeing them before taking the picture! Spooky. This is called “Image Fulgurator”, half guerrilla-art stunt and half homemade-gadget awesomeness. Berlin based artist Julius von Bismarck uses his oddly named camera-mod to project images onto street furniture where they appear in the photos of strangers, but remain invisible to their eyes. Continue Reading ›

Tarantino Promo in Amsterdam

severed armEspecially advertisers do always think about reaching the audience. Newer and newer ways within magazines and web sites are found. But this outstanding “advertising” in an ambient sourrounding is lush! It grabes everyone passing by. People start making pictures, bloggers write about the idea. A new understanding of how marketing communications can be done by giving less and getting more.

via adland