What moves the Digital Culture in 2017?

Welcome to 10 important snippets, tales and take aways from this year’s SXSW in Austin. It was probably the most political festival by far.

Every year the Wildstyle Network and associated Startups attend the SXSW tech/film/music festival in Austin to measure the global digital eco system’s health. We’ve been attending 70+ sessions, captured as much as we can and compressed these thesis from these categories:

#CivicTech #SocialMedia #SocialGood #CSR #Bots #StartupCulture #Inclusivity #Diversity #FinTech #AutonomousDriving #Luxury #Sustainability #DigitalMarketing #AI #MachineLearning #Politics #Trump

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We’re Beta Girls And Women In The Creative Business

We’re far away from being alpha women in business here at Wildstyle Network. It’s because there’s no alpha behavior nor a subordination in our entire international team. Although we all know it’s an alpha world in business. With men dominating and shaping the role of woman in classic advertising, transport, technology, politics and so many other branches.

The reason why we did a series called #WomanInCreativeBusiness is that we strongly believe that the creative industry can shape and change women’s image like no other industry. Our female members of the team also agree that we don’t simply do business but have fun in what we creating each day, what we’re achieving as a team every day.

So please find these real-agency-life images taken by Wildstyle Network’s designer Anne during idea-findings, in our Atelier and the general work at the desk. All done in a day, all natural.

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Obama advertises on Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE became the Second Life for casual gamers and social orientated players/gamers all around the world. Barack Obama ist now advertising within the Xbox gaming network which has more than 12 million members worldwide. Obamas claims are seen in 18 games you can play on Xbox LIVE! The ads appear in games like Guitar Hero 3, The Incredible Hulk, NASCAR 09, NBA Live 09 and NFL Tour. Obamas advertisign companies SS & K and GMMB underline that social services like Xbox LIVE are already ad-standards even in political communications.

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This made the Internet a better place

You don’t like online advertising? …If you answer Yes, then I’ll not be worried because Doritos has shown how to make advertising without advertising. Of course, this is advertising by just killing the the advertisers. or let’s say competitors?!
The video names an url but this is not working (any more).

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marketing eyes on street art

It was already a year ago when Banksys early painting were sold for 950.000 USD at Sotheby’s in New York. Today, he is one of the most respected can artists and street art legends. But even if his intention was to screw up the streets, he needs to admit that his work is bridging art/underground and advertising. And that’s where we are today: Street Art is (to some marketing pros) recognized as a way of using the street for advertising and commercials. And if you cannot get enough of street art, then visit the Tate Gallery in London. It’s worth it (exhibition until 23rd of Aug.!)!

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