10 quick tips for your videos, to make people stay on your site

You are probably reading this article on your iPhone in a stuffed subway?! Youtube Statistics says that half of YouTube views are on mobile devices and that the mobile revenue on YouTube is up over 100% y/y.

This insight is very relevant for all and any video creation styles: Mobile video means thinking efficiently because it’s made for people who won’t spend ages (=anything that lasts longer than 90 secs) on watching a startup’s explanation Video – with average time length of 1 to 4 minutes.

Wildstyle Network – (the creative agency in Brooklyn/US and Dresden/DE behind this blog) created dozens of such explainer videos to help Microsoft, Samsung and startups explain their products in a visual way. Such videos also help to keep your audience busy on your site, extending digital dwell time. Let’s quickly explain the how and why’s behind these epic cinematic pieces in a top 10 list for your video styles:

1. Infographic
Pretty often they illustrate complex facts using simple infographics.

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Ex-Apple Designer Told Me To Make Socks. Yes, Socks!

at SXSW 2015 in Austin

Jeff Zwerner (Evernote design chief) and Steve Nitzschner (founder Wildstyle Network, Compass.to, Holyo.com and Little Bird)

Evernote’s design chief and ex-Apple chief packaging designer Jeff Zwerner recently met with Wildstyle Network’s (creative agency & tech atelier) founder Steve Nitzschner in Austin. They had a conversation during this year’s SXSW about „offline design“ and how line extensions could help a brand do it’s visual marketing. All aside the average digital eye balling every brand is throwing at their audiences. The key findings and marketing strategies from Jeff Zwerner were summarized by Steve here.

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About Leadership, Vision, Inspiration

This article by Nick Hughes made me think about differences. The difference between brands and how leadership, passion and the ability to boost a product into peoples hearts can seperate the man from the boys. Or Microsoft from Apple? Some of Hughes theses can be found in literature about the basics of marketing but what really surprised me is his comparison of Apples market share compared to Microsofts flat scale to the right.

It seems as if Microsofts brand index does not only depend on incredible successful products like Kinect, Windows or Office as well as heart warming campaigns… Not the greatest product and no billion dollar campaignm can balance a leadership without vision.

But what will happen when a great leader with a great vision and a greater visibility suddenly dissapears? I guess this will keep us awake for a while until we know better.

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