Condoms could have saved us!

You know how much I’m into condom advertisings. This topic is probably one of the most intersting viral and special marketing things. I still cannot make my mind about this “use condoms” series I found here in Tel Aviv in a style magazine. Somehow to simple done but somehow effectful when the text says “Condoms could have saved us from Hitler or Bin Laden”!?

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quiet but not empty

Dudes, I have to say sorry for not posting anything during the last 3 weeks. While making TV spots, viral videos, street art stuff and other things (sometimes they only seem to be important), I got lost in a vacuum of time. But there are signs of recovery. I’ll be back, back soon with new funky stuff – outstanding stuff!

Item for anti smoking campaign

Well, enough things are said about “Don’t smoke” – in every language, on every poster but I’ve never seen a give away that makes clear “smoking kills!”. I don’t know if that was the intention of the inventers but I like it. If you want to buy that item, go to Design Glut and order one for your latest blunt ;-) and one for your friends or your next pub visit.

Hellboy wears sneakers

Adidas will be releasing two new pairs of their sneakers in honor of Hellboy. Guelermo del Torros Hellboy 2 will be released in October (in Europe). As far as aI have heard, the dudes from Wildstyle Network are about to run something like a heavy visual club and festival tour with very exclusive Hellboy material. Universal International pictures also thinks about Hellboy on the Games Convention in Germany (source: Wildstyle).

Go to Hell (Albotas)!