AI in Automotive Konferenz: Start einer neuen Dekade mit künstlicher Intelligenz

Steve Nitzschner AI in Automotive

Mit dem Eintritt in eine neue Dekade lassen wir ein spannendes Technologiejahrzehnt hinter uns. AI in Automotive wurde als Thema sehr kontrovers diskutiert, so fortschrittlich entwickelt, erforscht und angewendet wie die künstliche Intelligenz – im Kontext von AI in Automotive.
Als Vorsitzender der AI in Automotive Conference und Head of Digital Strategy bei Wildstyle Network möchte ich Sie einladen, am 3. und 4. Dezember 2019 in München ein neues Jahrzehnt einzuläuten.
Gemeinsam mit Euroforum begrüße ich Sie zu Podiumsdiskussionen, Impulsvorträgen, Demos und kontroversen, provokativen Thesen über den EInsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz im Auto.

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Die 10 wichtigsten Digitalstrategien und Technologietrends 2019

Digitaltrends 2019 - Personalization in tech

Nur weil Smart Home und das Gesundheitswesen mehr und mehr zusammengehen, es faltbare Displays gibt, autonome Fahrzeuge bald die Lieferung abholen und Daten zu einer geopolitischen Frage werden, heisst das nicht, dass das bereits alle Digitaltrends 2019 sind. Um nah an der REalität und am Markt zu sein, haben wir die relevanten und Enterprise-nahen Trends zusammen mit unserem Digitalberatern und Startups-CEOs hier zusammengefasst.

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What moves the Digital Culture in 2017?

Welcome to 10 important snippets, tales and take aways from this year’s SXSW in Austin. It was probably the most political festival by far.

Every year the Wildstyle Network and associated Startups attend the SXSW tech/film/music festival in Austin to measure the global digital eco system’s health. We’ve been attending 70+ sessions, captured as much as we can and compressed these thesis from these categories:

#CivicTech #SocialMedia #SocialGood #CSR #Bots #StartupCulture #Inclusivity #Diversity #FinTech #AutonomousDriving #Luxury #Sustainability #DigitalMarketing #AI #MachineLearning #Politics #Trump

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Dating Apps Suck! ING DiBa Now Reinvented DatING.

Dating and dating apps are the app spam these days.
ING DiBa reinvented they way you use dating apps. Embedded in people’s banking behavior, this app here finds you the perfect partner that matches your banking behaviour. What a great value proposition!

Especially when you downloaded apps that pretend to find you the partner for life. With most of them you end up in paying with credits for fake profiles.
We think this needs a revolution. And we’re glad that the German ING DiBa jumped on this train and reinvented dating with an own app.

Enjoy watching it!

We’re Beta Girls And Women In The Creative Business

We’re far away from being alpha women in business here at Wildstyle Network. It’s because there’s no alpha behavior nor a subordination in our entire international team. Although we all know it’s an alpha world in business. With men dominating and shaping the role of woman in classic advertising, transport, technology, politics and so many other branches.

The reason why we did a series called #WomanInCreativeBusiness is that we strongly believe that the creative industry can shape and change women’s image like no other industry. Our female members of the team also agree that we don’t simply do business but have fun in what we creating each day, what we’re achieving as a team every day.

So please find these real-agency-life images taken by Wildstyle Network’s designer Anne during idea-findings, in our Atelier and the general work at the desk. All done in a day, all natural.

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Ex-Apple Designer Told Me To Make Socks. Yes, Socks!

at SXSW 2015 in Austin

Jeff Zwerner (Evernote design chief) and Steve Nitzschner (founder Wildstyle Network,, and Little Bird)

Evernote’s design chief and ex-Apple chief packaging designer Jeff Zwerner recently met with Wildstyle Network’s (creative agency & tech atelier) founder Steve Nitzschner in Austin. They had a conversation during this year’s SXSW about “offline design” and how line extensions could help a brand do it’s visual marketing. All aside the average digital eye balling every brand is throwing at their audiences. The key findings and marketing strategies from Jeff Zwerner were summarized by Steve here.

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Infographic Tattoo’d

tattoo'ed_infographicsNot sure how they’ve done the white ink and if all skin types are able to show this effect. But it’s awesome.
Another fact I don’t understand is why so many people like tattoos if you consider that 47% of people (Americans) without tattoos think tattoos make people less attractive?!

Wildstyle’s Chalkboard Love And Anti-Digital UX Design Desk

After posting a chalkboard picture on my Facebook page, I was later asked by a 22y old UI design applicant why we’re working on a chalkboards and if the dust isn’t destroying keyboards or Wacom screens – instead of using UX and wireframing tools like UX PIN, Photoshop or Sketch?! Sure, he wanted to demo his skills but after chatting about pros and cons of working analog, it just came to me that the traditional way of sketching wireframes and UX is about to become outdated. Hey, I think it’s fatal to underestimate this way of sketching, especially the sexiness of dried chalk on your hands, the slowdown of the process and emptyness of a white paper.
Let’s summarize this discussion in a longer blogpost including seven of our favorite tools which we use during work in our Wildstyle Atelier.

1. A Chalkboard Helps You To Focus And To Team-Work


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