About Great Design Work And Inspirations (Typo London, Day 2)

Typo London Speech 2011

10:00 – CET: Pixar’s Michael B. Johnson about Fun in design
Next tot he „hard fun“ aspects which Pixar is trying to culture, there was one special case from Michaels speech I kept in mind. He was asking how toys (refering to Toy Story 2) can be more emotional and therefore cry? Toys can speak, they can walk and even jump but we’ve never seen a toy cry. „So how, from a designers perspective, can you make a toy cry?“, he asks. The answer dropped in with a simple trick: Pixar storyboarders placed the toys behind a window, the camera looked from the outside and while it rains, the shadows and reflections of the water on the window were mirrored onto the toy’s face. It’s so simple and describes best how we have to challenge and request impossible solutions.

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Typo Design Conf London Kicks Of W/ Dale Herigstad & Nat Hunter (Day 1)

14:00 CET – Together wirh our designer Anne I’m joining the Typo Design Conference in London. The first day kicks of with Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer of Possible Worlwide and also creator of Xbox interfaces (I’m really into ;). Dale talks about how to create media spaces on screens, using 3D technologies or simple 2D spaces. He calls it ne television. He is also the creator of the early 2000s Minority Report interface which Tom Cruise has been using. It was a short speech but Dale left some inspiring links with us:

A great inspiring source is his page at Schematic.com

15:00 CET – Nat Hunter, founder of Airside, presented some insights about how to tell the right story. While people talk about interfaces, Nat talked about narrative informations, pixel grapics and the idea of power. A  pictogram movie in 16 colors, narrative told.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18920889]

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