Apples Social App?

Maybe nothing but rumors, maybe a serious move? As already expected, it seems as if Apple plans to include a social networking component in iTunes 9. Listening to iTunes music in your Social Network? Or an OSN for iTunes fans? It will make sense because until now appart from some Facebook and Twitter Apps Apple has no social strategy at all. …We don’t know but we will find out soon.

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Pretty old skool! But it’s me!

steve Soundshake_272A youthful folly – when history overruns me… Back in the days in 1996 (when I was 16!) I was jobbing at a TV station. For a fee of 150 Deutsch Mark per show, I ‚ve been writing, hosting and producing a music TV show called Sound Shake which was finally broadcasted in East Germany and some local TV stations in the south (Munich) and west of the country.


What a surprise – at the end more than hundred thousand viewers were watching these 45 minute shows and the music interviews I was doing with Boy George, Ricky Martin, Caught in the act and Mike Lehmann – just to name a few. Supermario and I were producing specials also in New York, London, Hong Kong and Paris where the DJ world championchips took place. It all stopped when MTV Europe was asking me to host a DJ show and come around for a casting… Becoming another Mola Adebisi, no thanks. Everything at a time when Email, Facebook or the Bagaboo Blog were things from outa space. But I enjoyed it and sometimes old school might be the best school! Trust me! Enjoy watching this (I did and it reminds me on some pretty good times).

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Hopefully I will get a digital copy of the international shows. I only have tapes and no poss to convert :-(