Obama advertises on Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE became the Second Life for casual gamers and social orientated players/gamers all around the world. Barack Obama ist now advertising within the Xbox gaming network which has more than 12 million members worldwide. Obamas claims are seen in 18 games you can play on Xbox LIVE! The ads appear in games like Guitar Hero 3, The Incredible Hulk, NASCAR 09, NBA Live 09 and NFL Tour. Obamas advertisign companies SS & K and GMMB underline that social services like Xbox LIVE are already ad-standards even in political communications.

via Reuters

This made the Internet a better place

You don’t like online advertising? …If you answer Yes, then I’ll not be worried because Doritos has shown how to make advertising without advertising. Of course, this is advertising by just killing the the advertisers. or let’s say competitors?!
The video names an url but this is not working (any more).

(Sorry, I just forgot the source. If you want to know more, just go Live searching)

Budweiser USB

Yeah! From now on my laptop works with Budweiser! Plug in the Budweiser USB stick and get drunk. WTF! I’m not into Budweiser that much (prefer drinking Becks) but the idea of bringing the product itself into promotion gadgtes is nice and will work well! Can someone send me an example?

Invented by CNK

Shave The Pussy Baby!

94% of women in Sweden shave their private areas, so RFSUB created a real online poll to illustrate this. Take the poll and see how much maybe your girlfriend is shaving. In my opinion I guess that a thir of woman in the UK are not shaving but 90% of New Yorks woman are shaving. Waiting for your estimates :-)
But over all a very interesting campaign from bannering, polls, micro sites over Facebook apps.

update: Unfortunally they have closed the site. Will investigate on this…