Stencils on Mac

2008 is becoming the year of Street Art, Street Design and Street Culture. The Mac design of 2006 is an early artwork that underlines how technology driven products can benefit from Street Culture and Street Art. See how Apple products are remixed with stencils. I’m 100% sure, we will see more lifestyle products marketing stuff using Street Art this summer :-)

See all the artworks on Sata Stenc-O-Rama

Wanted: best action movie!

That might be the best on working for the movie industry: Watching movies long before everyone else has seen them! In the case of Angelina Jolies new movie WANTED, coming out on the 4th of Sept., I’m very impressed about this very very very outstanding action-thriller-special effects-stuff. Heavy! I’ve been sweating all over. Not a minute to take a breath (and Jolie naked!). …We well follow with some very special online tools for promoting the movie. Stay tuned!